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Aircraft Acquisition

Midwest Management Solutions, LLC can assist in the entire aircraft acquisition process. We will locate the perfect aircraft that best suits your needs, negotiate the purchase price, and facilitate the transfer of ownership.

To locate an aircraft, we will meet with you to learn what types of travel you require. Different aircraft have various advantages and disadvantages as well as wide price ranges. We can discuss whether a single engine or multi-engine, pressurized or unpressurized, as well as long-range or short range aircraft will best suit your needs. We will then provide you with several options of aircraft that best fit your requirements.

During the aircraft purchase phase, we will work diligently to find aircraft, specific to your requirements, that provides the best value to you. By determining the fair market value of the aircraft we will negotiate the best possible price, saving you a significant amount of money on your investment. When the day comes to take delivery of your aircraft, we will be there to assure you that the transfer of ownership is a seamless one.

If your needs do not require full aircraft ownership, we can match you with a partner or group to own an equal share of an aircraft to fulfill your travel requirements. Whether it is full ownership or a fractional share, you will fly on your schedule and not the schedule of others, allowing you to boost your productivity. We are here to provide full assistance in all aircraft needs, allowing you enjoy all the benefits of ownership without any of the headaches. Please call today to schedule a meeting to discuss how we may be of assistance to you.

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